Programming Allen Bradley PLCs using RSLogix 500 software

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Programming Allen Bradley PLCs using RSLogix 500 software

Programming Allen Bradley PLCs using RSLogix 500 software

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Book title: Programming Allen Bradley PLCs using RSLogix 500 software

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There is a quotation which was originally stated by Confucius, I would like to present it here as a very practical statement on how the human mind approaches the learning process:

I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.—Confucius

All this means is the best way to understand anything is to get your hands on it and actually experiment with it. In computer programming this means writing many small programs and using some kind of simulator software to test programs functionality. The book provides both fundamental and cutting-edge coverage on PLCs. It explains most basic to and intermediate to advance instructions through many worked-out examples and explanations of the solutions. Since this is a self -teach manual, it is assumed that reader may not have any access to a PLC instructor, to discuss any problems. Based on this assumption, the reader is familiarized with RSLogix 500 (developed by Rockwell Automation) software to show how the software could be used to edit, run and finally how to debug a program in hand. Al the ladder logic instructions are explained very clearly accompanied with very simple programs that actually
are generated and RUN using RSLogix 500 software and tested on Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 PLC. So this is not just another programming book in PLCs –
This is the book that teaches you how to program Allen Bradley PLCS with fun

Chapter 1

Developing our first user program ; SLC 500 and Micrologix 1000/1500 addressing ; PLC’s RUN, REM, and PROG mode ; Pictorial view of Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000-1500 PLCs ; Inserting Branch Start symbol ; CSF and STL format of programming.

Chapter 2

Ladder Diagrams- Ladder Logic ; A simple ladder Logic program ; Ladder format of programming ; Processor operating Cycle ; Processor unit ; Operating system Memory (user and storage memory)
Chapter 3-ralay type instructions Pictorial view of Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 ; Examine ON, OFF and other relay type Instructions ; The Branch Instructions ; Output Latch and Unlatch Instructions ; Internal Relays ; End chapter programming examples (with solutions)

Chapter 4- Special Contacts – Master Control Relays

Chapter 5 – Timers

Allen Bradley SLC 500 and Micrologix Timers ; On-delay Timer (TON), Application and examples ; Timer Off-delay (TOF) ; Retentive On-delay Timer (RTO), End chapter programming examples

Chapter 6- Counters

Allen Bradley SLC 500 and MicroLogix Counters ; UP-Counter (CTU) Instructions format and timing chart ; Counter Programming Examples.

Chapter 7- Comparison and Data Handling Instructions:

Comparison Instructions; The Not Equal, Less Than or Equal Instructions ;The Greater than, Greater than or Equal Instructions ;  Data Handling Instructions, The Move Instruction ; The Masked Move Instruction.

Chapter 8 – PLC Arithmetic Functions

Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC 500 & Micrologix Math Instructions ; Divide (DIV), Addition (ADD), and Multiplication (MUL) Instructions ; Subtract (SUB), Square Root (SQR), and Negate (NEG) Instructions ; Number System Conversion, BCD Instruction

Chapter 9 – Sequencers

Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC 500 & Micrologix Sequencer Instructions ; Developing a Sequencer Ladder Program ; Definition of SQO parameters ; Definition of SQL parameters ; Definition of SQC parameters ; Sequencer programming examples

Chapter 10 – PLC Digital Bit Functions & Application

AB PLC-5, SLC 500 & Micrologix Shift Register Instructions – RSL and BSR Instructions – FIFO & LIFO Instructions -FFU (FIRST IN-FIRST OUT UNLOAD) Instruction – FFL & FFU Instruction Parameters – LAST-IN FIRST-OUT LOAS Instructions

Appendix A – RSLogix 5/500 & RSLinx Overview

Appendix B – Binary System & Arithmetic

Appendix C- Pictorial wiring view of Micrologix 1000


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