Programming 4 types of PLCs in 5 projects

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Programming 4 types of PLCs in 5 projects

Programming 4 types of PLCs in 5 projects

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This book was developed to be an easy-to-understand introduction to the world of programmable logic controllers. Four of the top players in today’s PLC market are chosen to be discussed and used for illustrations. We chose Siemens SIMATIC S5, Mitsubishi, Telemecanique, Mitsubishi and Spreacher + Schuh. The book was developed to be as generic as possible. The hands-on programming projects were
developed for all the following brands of PLCs hands-on programming projects are :
1-Temperature controller system
2-Conveyor Controller to transfer raw materials
3-Designing an elevator controller system
4-Automatic rising parking gate barrier
5-Ceiling mounted hoist crane

All these involved projects are completely worked and the user should be able to adapt the solution to any other PLC at hand.
There is a quotation that I have seen, which I am told was originally stated by Confucius. I present it here as a very practical statement on how the human mind approaches the learning process:

I see, and I remember. I hear, and I forget. I do, and I understand.—Confucius

One of the best ways to understand something is to get your hands on it  and actually experiment with it. In PLC, this means writing many small programs and actually using software and hardware to test it to make sure you have understood how to use the instructions to do what you intend a PLC to do.
In this book, we designed five involved project, defined all phases and issued needed to be taken care of hardware and software wise and finally to come up with ladder logic program to do the job. Hence, this book is actually developed for the electrical technicians, maintenance persons, machine design engineers, and students whom need to learn the basics about today’s modern PLCs.

product details:

Chapter 1

Continuous Process,  discrete Process, Composite Process, Ladder diagram and Ladder logic, A simple ladder logic program, Up/ down lifter system

Chapter 2

Internal structure of programmable logic controllers, history of PLCs, processor operating cycle , pocessor unit , input / output section, input module strcuture, output modules, advantage of a Relay output module, advantage and disadvantage of a triac output module, remote I/O unit, memory unit,  Operating system memory, user memory, storage memory, Summarized features of DL05 model, Medium modular PLCs, Large scale PLC for complex applications , Summarized features of DL405 model, Telemecanique model TSX17-20 PLC, Mitsubishi model F2-40MR-ES PLC, Siemens Simatic S5-100U CPU, Sprecher+Schuh SESTEP 290 model

Chapter 3

Programming PLCs, Functions used in PLC programming, AND function, OR function, OR prior to AND function, AND prior to OR function, Latch function, inverse function, internal relays, Flip-Flops, Timers,
On-delay Timer, Off-delay Timer, Counters, One-shot, Sequential function charts

Chapter 4

Project # 1 temperature control system project

Project description, how does the system operate? , main circuit , Control circuit , Control PLC software program, Instalation and excution of the project

Chapter 5

Project # 2 conveyor controller to transfer raw materials

Project description, Main circuit, control circuit, control software, instalatioin and execution of project # 2
Chapter 6

project # 3 Designing an elevator controller system

Project description, system operation specification, main circuit, control circuit, Control software
Chapter 7

project # 4 Automatic rising parking gate barrier

Project description, System operation specification , explanation & diagram of a pneumatic system,
Control circuit, control software

Chapter 8

project # 5 ceiling mounted hoist crane

Project description, System operation specification, main circuit, control software, Ladder diagram for FX-48MR controller, Ladder diagram for Sprecher + Schuh controller

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