Implementation of an 8 Floor Control System with a PLC

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Implementation of an 8 Floor Control System with a PLCBy choosing this manual you will get help in designing and implementing an eight-floor elevator control system. This comes as an upgraded version of my previous published project (Programming a four floor elevator with SIMATIC S7-300 or LOGO).
Note: By searching “design and implementation of an 8 floor elevator”, you will be able to see all the below instructions in action. You will successfully be able to implement an end year college project after the study of this manual. You will also benefit from enough experience to apply for an entry level job on PLC programming with full confidence.
The best way to learn programming any type of PLC is by looking at a real world example. There is a project scope included in the text which outlines, in full detail, how the completed Elevator Control System must work. It will be your job to write the program and make sure that the system performs as mentioned in the project scope. The book takes you through each step of hardware implementation, continuing with writing the program to meet the specification. The six most important features of this version, compared to the previous, are as follows:
1. It has a more complicated control software, since it has been prepared for an Elevator System with 8 stops.
2. Two different car-traveling speed is implemented in the hardware by a VF Drive application.
3. The One Hall Effect sensor is used to detect the current location of the car instead of using 5 limit switches.
4. This version has automatic and manual operation modes.
5. The Control program of the 8 Floor System is prepared using STEP7 SIMATIC MANAGER software and some routines are prepared using LogixPro software as well.
6. A HMI display and WinCC software are used to control the system through a local HMI device or on a PC.
You must show your future employer that writing a fairly complex program in a few hours does not put you in difficulty. You can only achieve such performance by actually working on specific projects. This e-Book is one great learning tool for this purpose. With a simulator program you can write your own program and then compare it to the presented solution, helping you realize where and what went wrong, if anything. Being able to add in your resume that you managed to write a control program for an eight-floor elevator system with PLC which worked, based on its predefined hardware specification will sure awe your future employer!

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