Household wiring Circuits, diagrams and projects

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Household wiring Circuits, diagrams and projects

Household wiring Circuits, diagrams and projects

Book Title: Household wiring Circuits, diagrams and projects
Author: PLC-DOC
Binding: PDF (downloadable file)
Product Group: Book
Number of pages:60
user price:$35.00

the book is designed to teach you electrical wiring circuits, wiring diagrams
demonstrated in this book are related to:
1- switches, receptacles, lights (through 13 worked out circuit diagrams)
2- Application of motion detectors , Timers and relays
3- Three and four-way switches
4- Fuses, circuit breakers, GFCIs, and AFCI safety and protection devices

description of material covered in the book

how do utility companies provide households with electrical power, where are we
getting our electrical power?, three different types of residential electrical
wirings, 110 and 220 volts circuits, cable gauge sizes and brand names,
electrical boxes, what is an electrical conduit, what is a GFCI outlet and how
should one to be installed?, how To replace an old receptacle with the one with a

GFCI outlet, switches, light bulbs and AC power plugs and wall sockets, table of
switch symbols, table of electrical devices, Circuit example # 1, A simple on-off

circuit, a simple circuit using a double SPST switch to on-off a circuit, An
actual circuit diagram of on “2SPST” switch plus a receptacle, diagram of simple
circuit to control a light bulb from two locations, circuit to control a light
bulb from 3 or more locations, fluorescent lamps or tubes, a fluorescent lamp
circuit, control of a light bulb H1 with on SPST switch & H2 & H3 with 2SPST
switches, control of two light bulbs from 3 locations, using a timer to control a

light bulb to turn off the light automatically, more complex circuit using a
Timer to control a light bulb, how motion detectors work, how relays work?,
Application of two motion detectors & a relay to control garage passageway
lights, application of a timer to control passageway lights from different
locations, wiring diagram of a typical 3200 BTU Ductless split heat pump, what is

a ductless split?, pictorial view of a ductless unit including outdoor and
indoor units, outdoor diagram of typical outdoor 3200 btu/unit

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