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    Do you know Google Books? If you are studying at the University you will surely have used this tool of the search engine par excellence to perform a search and find the book you were looking for, quickly, online and completely free of charge. In the same way now comes Google Scholar , where you can not only locate books, but manuals, doctoral theses, summaries, school books and a great etcetera.

    If you still do not know how Academic works , at we explain it step by step:

    You will need to:
    A computer with Internet access.
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    Steps to follow:
    Go to Google Scholar or, in English, Google Scholar.

    Write in the search engine the book, summary or other file that you are looking for and, if you know it, the name of the author; if you want, you can also enter a keyword of the subject in which you are interested. To finish, click on the blue icon of the magnifying glass.

    What Google Scholar is and how it works – Step 2
    The results that Academician will show you are sorted by relevance; that is, depending on the number of times you have been quoted and the number of times you have found the word you have searched for in the document, the books will appear in one position or another.

    What Google Scholar is and how it works – Step 3
    Below each result you will find, in green, the name of the publisher, the name of the author and the year in which the book or other file was published.

    What Google Scholar is and how it works – Step 4
    Use the menu on the left side of the web page to find a document dated in a specific year.

    What Google Scholar is and how it works – Step 5
    If you have not had luck and want to include documents in other languages ​​in your results, then click on ‘Languages’ and select one by one what languages ​​you wish to add to your search.

    Google Scholar can notify you, too, of new additions in the search results of a certain word or topic. To get it, press on ‘Create Alert’, check your email and click again on ‘Create Alert’.

    What Google Scholar is and how it works – Step 7
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