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    We want to help you choose the best way possible with this selection of the 10 cheapest cars you can buy in 2017, a total of 10 vehicles that are presented as a very interesting option for those seeking to adjust the budget to buy their first car or replace the one they currently have.

    Knowing which car to buy is one of the most difficult doubts that we have to solve from time to time. This is a very important decision, because it will not only depend on our independence in terms of mobility in the coming years, it can also be a big drag on the home economy. We say this because the occasion market is usually very tempting, but as attractive as it may seem an offer, it can hardly be compared to the 10 cheapest cars that you can buy in 2017 that we will introduce you next, especially for the tranquility they give their respective official guarantees .

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    VIDEO: 10 cheap diesel cars sold in 2017


    They are inexpensive 2017 cars that stand out, in addition to having selling prices that are around the 10,000 euros in all cases, because they are cars that offer a balanced relationship between the equipment and its price . Some of the chosen ones, besides meeting the main requirement, which is to have a sales rate capable of adjusting to the lowest budgets, are very well positioned in the reliability indexes offered by such prestigious organizations as the German TÜV or by companies as famous as Dekra.

    Seven good and cheap cars (7)
    Mitsubishi Space Star front
    Citroën C-Elysée side
    Dacia Front Duster
    Ford Ka front
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    The 10 cheapest cars you can buy in 2017 are not necessarily the cheapest cars on the market. We have preferred to offer you a selection of the most affordable, excluding those that come more ‘bare’ and betting on those that we find most interesting by its characteristics, to have a standard equipment more than acceptable and to have, in the in most cases, of sufficiently capable habitats. Taking advantage of the discounts offered by each manufacturer at the time we write this article and, although the PIVE Plan has already finished, if you are interested in getting rid of your old car, you can get really tempting offers that in some cases far outnumber the 7,000 euros.

    Small: 434 points for the Citroën C1, 477 for the Opel Karl …
    Small: 434 points for the Citroën C1, 477 for the Opel Karl …
    1. Opel Karl

    The Opel Karl , which is presented as one of the most interesting cheap cars because of the competitive price it offers compared to its abundant equipment. To this must be added that it is also a relatively recent model in the market, so it is still not very common. With the promotional discounts applied, the range starts at 7,990 euros , but the one that does not interest, the version with finish Selective and engine 1.0 ECOTEC of gasoline with 75 CV of power, stays in 8,768 euros . The negative point is its trunk, with only 215 liters of capacity.

    As we said, its equipment is abundant and includes a multifunction steering wheel, a sound system with Bluetooth connection, USB and auxiliary input, slope output assistant, electrically adjustable mirrors or a cruise control. To this must be added the front, side and curtain airbags, the height adjustable driver’s seat, the travel computer, the central locking with control or the necessary stability control and pressure sensor.

    Power: 75 hp

    Average consumption: 4.5 l / 100km

    Luggage compartment: 215 liters

    Kia Picanto
    2. Mitsubishi Space Star

    Probably the biggest unknown on the list is the cheapest cars you can buy , somewhat unfair in a way. With this model, Mitsubishi has decided to offer a product not only with an attractive price, also with an abundant equipment, superior to that of its main competitors. The Mitsubishi Space Star is available with current offers for 10,200 euros with Motion finish and 1.0 petrol engine with 88 hp of power.

    The main attribute of this model is its extensive standard equipment , as it has many elements that do not have the other candidates. We refer to issues such as the automatic ignition of the headlights , the rain sensor or the access system and hands-free start . In addition, it has a steering wheel and gear knob upholstered in leather, 15-inch alloy wheels, automatic climate control, four power windows, multifunction steering wheel, audio system with auxiliary connections and Bluetooth connectivity or heated exterior mirrors with LED flashing lights integrated.

    Power: 80 HP

    Average consumption: 4.3 l / 100km

    Luggage compartment: 235 liters

    Cheap cars Suzuki Celerio
    3. Suzuki Celerio

    With its 3.6 meters in length, the Suzuki Celerio is midway between the fourth model on the list and the second, with the advantage over the Seat that has a five-door body and a passenger compartment of five plazas. Although it is possible to buy it for less money ( 7,795 euros ), we recommend the GL finished version, which has a price of 9,190 euros with the discounts applied. It has a gasoline engine 1.0 that produces 68 HP of power and with which it offers acceptable benefits for use in urban areas.

    We chose the Celerio GL and not the basics because it already has air conditioning , radio with MP3, USB, CD player and Bluetooth connectivity , front electric windows, central locking, adjustable steering wheel, height adjustable driver’s seat, plus control stability, two front airbags and the tire pressure sensor.

    – Power: 68 HP

    – Average consumption: 4.3 l / 100km

    – Luggage compartment: 254 liters

    The 10 cheapest cars you can buy in 2017
    4. Fiat Panda

    The Fiat Panda is a regular in these ranking where we look for cheap cars at the best price. The small Fiat is offered in three finishes and Pop starts at 6.590 euros with the current discounts applied (although that yes, financing, as in many other models in the ranking). Under the hood hides a gasoline engine 1.2 liters and 69 hp next to a manual gearbox. However, the standard equipment is basic, such as airbags, leather steering wheel or electronic stability program (ESP), while you have to pay for such basic options as central locking or radio.

    – Power: 69 HP

    – Average Consumption: 5.1 l / 100 km

    – Luggage compartment: 225 liters

    The 10 cheapest cars you can buy in 2017
    5. Skoda CitiGo

    The Skoda CitiGo , like the Seat Mii, with which it shares platform and motorizations, is the smallest model of the Czech company. The three-door Citigo Style starts at 10,170 euros and, although it is not the cheapest, it is the most interesting finish adjusting the price. The customization options allow you to play with the design without adding too much cost and includes equipment such as air conditioning, central locking, tire pressure control, 16-inch alloy wheels, fog lamps and radio with color display. Under the hood, the 1.0 MPI 60-hp gasoline engine is associated with a five-speed manual gearbox.

    – Power: 60 HP

    – Average consumption: 4.5 l / 100 km

    – 251 liters

    The 10 cheapest cars you can buy in 2017
    6. Dacia Logan

    If you are looking for something more space, we invite you to continue investigating the product portfolio of the Romanian firm. The Dacia Logan offers a third volume in the bodywork and shares the same engines as the utility. In this case, the Logan Ambience TCe 90GLP starts at 10.280 euros and equips a tri-cylindrical 0.9-liter turbo with 90 hp that feeds on LPG and gasoline. It offers the same options, but this time the air conditioning is part of the standard equipment. The Navigation Pack for 435 euros or the fog lights for 180 euros are the few components that you can add.

    – Power: 90 HP

    – Consumption Average: 3.5 l / 100 km

    – Luggage compartment: 510 liters

    Cheap car rental Dacia Sandero
    7. Dacia Sandero

    The Dacia Sandero is one of the cheapest new cars on the market, as its tariff starts at 7,821 euros Ambiance diesel engine dCi 1.5 75 hp, with all available discounts applied. Although this finish does not incorporate a standard equipment enough enough, you should add the 423 euros that costs the always necessary air conditioning , so in total would stay at 10,753 euros.

    Among the standard equipment including Sandero Ambience, we must highlight the ESP , the front airbags front and side, the central locking with remote or steel wheels 15 inches in diameter with hubcaps. You can complete it even more if instead of opting for air conditioning , which as we said, costs 423 euros, you decide to include one of the two packages that also include that element of comfort. The first adds a radio with all kinds of connectivity, including the necessary Bluetooth, for 627.99 euros, while the second, incorporates a handy browser with a 7-inch touch screen for 435 euros.

    – Power: 75 HP

    – Average consumption: 3.8 l / 100km

    – Luggage compartment: 320 liters

    The 10 cheapest cars you can buy in 2017
    8. Citroën C1

    The Citroën C1 five-door with City Edition finish starts at 9,600 euros . It is presented as one of the most complete and interesting options of this list, either for the price as for the equipment. Standard equipment such as the 7-inch touch screen with Bluetooth and MirrorLink, ABS, ESP, air conditioning, speed limiter, leather steering wheel and alloy wheels, among many others, make it stand out, while under the hood hides a PureTech 1.2-liter petrol engine with 80 hp power and manual transmission.

    – Power: 80 HP

    – Average consumption: 4.3 l / 100 km

    – Luggage compartment: 196 liters

    Cheap cars
    9. Seat Mii

    The Seat Mii , in addition to being the smallest model marketed by the Spanish firm, with 3.56 meters in length, is also smaller in size among the cheap cars of 2017 that we propose, which implies a limitation in the number of passengers that can carry, which in this case are four. But if you usually travel around the city and do not travel often, it can be an excellent option. Currently Seat offers a Mii Style from 11,480 euros with all possible discounts applied, an urban that employs a 1.0 petrol engine with 60 hp and equips a five-speed manual transmission. It equips components such as air conditioning, central locking, on-board computer, front and side airbags and electronic stability program (ESP).

    – Power: 60 HP

    – Average consumption: 4.5 l / 100km

    – Luggage compartment: 251 liters

    The 10 cheapest cars you can buy in 2017
    10. Dacia Duster

    The Dacia Duster is undoubtedly the most successful model of the Romanian firm. An affordable SUV that starts at 10,000 euros with the Base finish. However, we invite you to invest a little more and get a Duster Ambience 1.6 115 4×2 with more equipment options for 12,565 euros . Equipped with a four-cylinder 1.6-liter petrol engine with 115 hp of power and a manual transmission. In addition, the Start & Stop system, power windows, central locking, tire pressure sensor, MP3 radio, ESP, ABS and emergency braking assistance are all standard equipment. Add the air conditioning for 705 euros and you will have it in full.

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