Syllabus of an online PLC tutorial course

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Syllabus of an online PLC tutorial course
This document is designed to give you only a syllabus overview of what a PLC is, what it is good for, what it is not best at, an overview of its operation and where to find more information. But to read more about topics mentioned here, you may download the whole document at the bottom of this article marked “Download”.
Remark: when you see “Read more on..” anywhere in this document, it means in the downloaded document, you will find much more information about that topic.
A PLC or a Programmable Logic Controller is a programmable controller which is considered as a member of computer family is mainly designed to be used in an industrial field to sense different incoming signals, process them (or make a decision) and issue commands based on the special software program in its memory. This tutorial guide is designed to supply you with basic information on the functions and configurations of PLCs which is especially focused on Siemens S7-200 and Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500.

Read more on .. PLC system Architecture, CPU, main memory, communication and interface capability, Input modules, Output modules, Programming device. Ladder Diagrams, SIMATIC S5, 2-SIMATIC S7, 3-LOGO!, MicroLogix 1500 PLC. Field devices such as push buttons, limits switches, lights, and controlled devices like motor starters and solenoid operated valves, The advantage of using a PLC as a controller is: 1- Controlling circuitry is smaller. 2- Ease of troubleshooting. 3- Less need to repair. 4- A plc can execute much-complicated functions in the controlling systems. 5- A plc can easily establish communication with other process control systems. 6- Most good PLC programmers, can program most any PLC since the basic functions are the same. In fact, there is an International PLC programming standard (IEC 61131-3) that your best PLC manufacturers are adopting.

Read more on .. PLC models made by Siemens, SIMATIC, Compact, modular, SIMATIC S5, Siemens STEP 5 to program SIMATIC S5 PLCs, SIMATIC S7 PLCs,
S7-200 (compact), S7-300 (modular) and S7-400 (also modular). S7-200 is used to control a relatively small system, Logo! Logic Modules, SIMATIC S7-200, LOGO!, LOGO! Soft Comfort software to program it via a PC and download the ladder logic program into the LOGO!, MicroLogix 1500 PLC, Bulletin 1764 MicroLogix controllers, MircoLogix 1500.

Read more on .. Number Systems – Decimal & Binary, Sensors, Actuators, Discrete Inputs, Analog Inputs, Force-sensitive resistors (FSRs) that change resistance based on a changing force applied to the surface of the sensor; thermistor,

Read more on .. Discrete Outputs, Analog Outputs, Programming Languages, IEC1131 standards six different programming languages for PLCs. 1-IL (Instruction List). 2-FBD (Function Block Program). 3-LD (Ladder Diagram). 4- ST (Structured Text). 5- SFC (Sequential Function Control). 6- CFC (Continuous Function Chart).

Read more on .. Function Block Diagrams. RAM / ROM / EPROM / Firmware. RAM is volatile, CMOS-RAM, CMOS-RAM, lithium battery, Read Only Memory (ROM), Erasable Programmable Read Only memory (EPROM), “EPROM Programmer”, Firmware, Memory Structure.1-Program space, data space, and configurable space. 2-Data space 3- Configurable space.

Read more on .. RSLogix software created by Rockwell Software, Allen-Bradley family of PLCs, PLC-5, SLC 500, The S7-200, micro/Win32, PC/PPI cable.

Read more on .. Expansion modules, DIN Rail to Install a PLC and Expansion units,
Power Supplies, Allen-Bradley model 1764-24BWA can be connected only to 120/230 VAC power source. A-B PLC is wired to 120 VAC supply. S7-200 PLCs can be connected to either 24 VDC or 120/230 VAC.

Read more on ..Inputs, proximity sensor, and limit switch, Outputs, optoisolator with transistor or TRIAC, LED status indicator, Super Capacitor.

Read more on ..PLC Reference Manuals…/simatic-s7…/s7-200/…/Default.aspx

Read more on ..PLC Display and HMI (human-machine interaction) Units, Allen Bradley 2711-B5A2 PanelView 550 monochrome Terminal 5.5 inch, Keypad & touch screen, DH-485 communication Ports, AC power, Series F. combination for convenient and flexible operator input: RS232 printer port, alarms, alarm lists, triggered messages, AB 1201-HJ2 programming terminal LCD Display. Siemens LOGO! Text display 6ED1 055-4MH00-0BA0. Siemens TD200, PROFIBUS connection, EM277 communication modules slave on a PROFIBUS DP network up to 12 Mbit /s. AS-Interface connection, The CP 243-2 turns all CPUs from 222, AS-interface network, AS-interface Wizard. Programming a PLC with a Computer, Step 7-Micro/Win.

Read more on ..FBD (Function Block Diagram) programming language, STL (Statement List) programming language, Normally Open (NO) & Closed (NC) contacts,
input device, Boolean Algebra PLC programming.

Read more on .. FORCE function, Analog signals, resistance temperature detectors (RTD) and thermocouples (T/Cs),1769-IF4I isolated analog input module, 1769- OF4CI, 1769-OF4VI, S7-200, EM 231 RTD SIMATIC S7-200 ANALOG INPUT MOD (6ES7 231 – 7PB20- 0XA0), EM 235 SIMATIC S7-200 ANALOG I/O (6ES7235 – 0KD20-0XA0).

Read more on .. A-B MicroLogix and SIMATIC S7-200 Timers, On Delay timer, A-B MicroLogix 1500 and SIMATIC S7-200 Timers, 1- TIMER ON-DELAY (TON), 2- TIMER OFF-DELAY (TOF), 3- RETENTIVE ON-Delay Timer (RTO). A-B Timer On- Delay. TIMER ON-DELAY (TON) Application, A-B Timer Off-Delay (ladder logic symbol and function), Allen-Bradley TIMER OFF-DELAY (TOF), TIME BASE, TIMER Off-Delay (TOF), AB Retentive On- Delay Timer.

Read more on .. SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200 TIMERS, On-Delay (TON), Retentive On-Delay (TONR), and Off-Delay (TOF). resolutions of 1 millisecond, 10 milliseconds, and 100 milliseconds making the maximum counts 32.767 seconds.

Read more on .. Counters, A-B SLC 500 and Siemens S7-200 COUNTERS, Up-counter (CTU), Down-counter (CTD), AB Up-counter (CTU) symbol. Count Up Done Bit (DN), DN bit, Count up Enable Bit (CU). Down-counter (CTD), Count Down Enable Bit (CD), Count Down Done Bit (DN), Accumulated value, Preset value. Count Down Underflow Bit (UN), Count Down Enable Bit (CD).

Read more on .. SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200 COUNTERS, Regular Counters, CTUD / Count Up/Down counter, CTU / Count Up counter, CTD / Count Down counter, High Speed Counters, PLS, HDEF, HSC / High-Speed Counter, CTU – Count Up Counter, CU / Count Up input, Reset input, PV / Preset Value. CTD / Count Down Counter, CD Count Down (CD) input, LD / load input, PV – preset value. CTUD -Count UP/Down Counter, CU -count up input, CD / Count Down input, Reset input, PV / Preset value.

Read more on .. Interrupt function, Pulse train output (PTO) function, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) function, Transmit function, Modbus,

Read more on ..A local area network (LAN), PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus), PROFIBUS DP (Decentralized Peripherals), PROFIBUS-DP network, The PROFIBUS-DP EM 277 module allows the S7-200 CPU to be connected to the PROFIBUS-DP network as a slave. The CPU 243-2, AS-I devices, and S7-200 PLCs. AS-Interface (AS-i) the Actuator Sensor Fieldbus for all areas of automation, AS-I cable supplies 30V DC power to sensors and transfers data. The black AS-I., Two-conductor AS-I bus cable supplies both power and data for the field devices of up to 100m.

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