About us

Email address: helpme@plc-doc.com

PLC-DOC is family owned online only PLC store located in Dallas, Texas. PLC-DOC. Has consisted of employees of different specialties and experiences in areas such as control electronic and software design. We have been active in designing industrial PC and PLC based factory automated control systems since 1986. Most of these system are designed in oversees included Asia and Middle East

PC- based Automation:

1- Computer Controlled Weighting System
2- Computer Controlled Temperature System


PLC based Automation:

1- The main electronic and control panel to prepare mud from mixture of water and dirt under required specification, cook it to manufacture bricks.
2- The main electronic and control panel to dry fresh tee leafs (under some required spec.), cut and send the result for packaging production section.


Micro Controlled based Automation:

1- Micro controlled Humidity System
2- Micro controlled Counter for textile manufacturing factory
3- Micro controlled Leaner Measuring system for textile manufacturing factory

Preparing self training manuals for PLCs

1- Programming Siemens S5 series of PLCs using Simulator Software

Designing PLC Accessories